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Forza Foods began in 2007, supplying Asda (and only Asda) with cooked meats from our first factory in Cleckheaton. In 2011, having outgrown this site, we opened a bigger cooked meats factory 12 miles away in Normanton, and this became Forza’s new home. The site in Cleckheaton was turned into a bacon and gammon factory and became Kober.

Today Forza and Kober have grown into a best-in-class manufacturing operation, supplying Asda with products from ham slices to salami and from pizza toppings to party food.

With our committed and passionate team and dedicated, modern factories, the future looks bright.

In 2016 Forza and Kober were acquired by Asda and became part of the IPL family.

Forza and Kober Foods are subsidiary companies of IPL (International procurement & Logistics) and are part of the Asda family. IPL are one of the largest privately-owned food processing businesses in the UK and have thousands of colleagues across multiple sites in the UK and in country offices around the world. They source a variety of different products from around the world, specifically for Asda customers, ranging from fresh fruit and vegetables to house plants and flowers; and award winning wines.

IPL’s acquisition of Forza and Kober in 2016 allowed the business to expand their supply chain offering, helping to deliver even better quality and value for Asda customers. Together with IPL, we work as one team on our mission to source great value, quality products and provide availability all year round for Asda customers.

Our values

We are passionate about delivering the best products for our customers and helping everyone in the Forza Kober team be the best that they can be.


We will challenge how things are done to make sure that we are working in the best way possible and always look to the future for more efficient ways of working.


No matter what is thrown at our team or us individually, we learn from it and become stronger so that the next time something changes, we’re ready to deal with it.


We are one team and we care about each other. We are not afraid to challenge one another constructively but we always have each other’s backs.


We are always honest with each other and are happy to be held accountable for our own actions. As an organisation, and as individuals, we are trustworthy.

One big family

At Forza and Kober we have a diverse team but we are all one family, working hard to support each other and achieve great things. Our team is stronger because of our different backgrounds and experience and we use this to deliver the best results for our customer. Many members of our Forza Kober family have been with us a very long time and the commitment and dedication of our team makes it a special and unique place to work. As individuals we can make a difference but as a team we can make anything happen.

Meet the team
“Everything we do is with the customer in mind.”
Meet the team

At Forza and Kober we are a passionate and diverse team, all brought together by a strong work ethic and pride in our factories. We believe in being true to our word and supporting each other. From Factory Operatives to Cleaners to Managers, we are One Team - Making a Difference.

Meet the team